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SAM CARGO aim to give our customers a fast, reliable and best service. We consistently monitor our shipments to ensure all package(s) arrive in a safely and timely manner. Even so, we cannot avoid unforeseen incidents and risks. Rest assured, SAM CARGO is committed to always put our customers’ interests first with reasonable compensation.

In order to resolved unforeseeable incidents quickly, please open your package(s) with our shipper upon delivery to ensure everything is according to the Invoice. Once completed, recipient will be asked to signed for the package(s). SAM CARGO will not accept claims after delivery has been completed.

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1. Where to submit your claim:
Office phone: 703-340-3949.
Email with subject line: “Package claim + your tracking GB#).

2. When to submit your claim:
Your claim has to be submitted within the following timeframe.
For damage good(s): within 24 hours upon receiving your package(s).
For lost package(s): within 30 days upon receiving your package(s).

3. Claim processing time:
SAM CARGO will reply to your message(s) within 48 business hours.
SAM CARGO completed the reimbursement process within 15 business days after we received all supporting documentation from our customer(s).

4. Required documentations.
Tracking number (GB#)
Copy of Invoice (PDF or IPEG file).
Photo(s), video(s) of damaged box(es).
Photo(s), video(s) of damaged item(s).
Receipt(s) of purchased.

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In the event which your package(s) got damaged or lost during the transportation, SAM CARGO are responsible for compensating our customer according to our policy. The level of compensation for damaged good(s) will be evaluated according to the following principles:

1. If customer properly declared all value of good(s) and purchased additional insurance.
Package(s) completely damaged or lost: we will reimburse 100% value of declared item(s).
Package(s) partially damaged: we will reimburse 100% value of declared item(s).

2. If customer properly declared all value of goods without purchased additional insurance.
In case of lost and damage we will reimbursed base on our assessment with documentation(s) provided buy sender. Reimbursement won’t exceed $100/invoice.

- Each invoice will automatically get insured up to $100 for lost and damages. You can purchase additional insurance for your shipment. Insurance cost will be additional 10% on top of value of good(s) plus shipping and surcharge fee insurance fee = 10% value of items + (shipping and surcharge).
- Reimbursement = (% that got damaged) x (value of goods)
- % damaged good amount will be evaluated base on supporting documentation(s), receipt(s) provided by sender and assess market value.
- This should be mutually agreed by both sender and SAM CARGO.
- In any case sender can’t provide proof of purchased, invoices, or value of good(s), SAM CARGO will assess the damage amount internally and issue a credit for the next shipment


SAM CARGO is exempted from liability for damage in the following cases:

1. Customer can’t provide invoice and/or proof of damage(s).
2. Customer can’t prove that SAM CARGO are responsible for the damage of the shipment
3. Sender did not properly declare condition of item(s) or prohibited items in the invoice.
4. Customer purposely opened the protecting layer of the original packaging.
5. We are not responsible if customer already signed for the package upon delivery.
6. Glassware, pottery, crystal, liquid without a sealed cap, perishable foods, item with paper packaging and etc...
7. Package got damaged after delivered or was sent to a third party recipient.
8. We are not liable for item(s) that got confiscated by government officials.
9. Claims received after our statutes of limitation.
10. Lost or damages due to natural disaster, fire, flood, earthquake, accident, epidemic, nuclear or radioactive contamination, war, strikes, riots, government agency interventions or changes in policy or law.

SAM CARGO will advise and serve Value Customer in the most professional way
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SAM CARGO diligence program can help ensure our customer(s) feels confident when doing business with us.

1. Consultation so our customer can pick the most appropriate and cost-effective service.

2. Advice customer to avoid sending prohibited items or items without proper import/export documentation.

3. Advice customer on how to properly send glassware, pottery, crystal, liquid without a sealed cap, perishable foods, item with paper packaging and etc…

4. For further information and consultation, please feel free to reach out to us at 703-340-3949 or

* Please remember to open your package(s) with our shipper upon delivery to ensure everything is according to the Invoice