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In times of market economy, the pace of development is dizzying. Each day, each person must run according to the pace of social development as a machine. However, shopping needs are essential, essential and essential. Along with the speed of socio-economic development, the speed of internet development and information technology in Vietnam is very impressive. Therefore, online transactions are formed and gradually become the alternative shopping solution for traditional shopping. Demand for the shopping market fluctuates and increasingly exceeds all language and geographic boundaries. From there, a variety of US purchases, Japanese purchases, purchases in Australia, amazon purchases or Ebay purchases are made. And Sam Cargo. Is a provider of delivery services, buying US merchants, buying reputable amazon among them.

Sam Cargo is the US service provider that shipped to the United States via webiste: Sam Cargo. Customers can buy US original, can negotiate the price and SAM will carry out transactions on behalf of you, you just wait to receive goods only. Coming to Sam Cargo, customers can be assured of all risks such as payment as well as origin of goods because we have many subsidiaries in the countries of distributors to serve customers buy US, purchase Amazon, Ebay purchases or Australian purchases ...



SAM is a licensed customs broker which allows us to do customs declarations on behalf of our customers, saving them time, money and avoid hassle. We’re proud of our ability to ensure quick and efficient customs clearance for all tupes of goods at a reasonable cost. One of Sam’s biggest strenght is its professional and experienced staff that work hard to ensure our clent’s tight deadlines are met.

SAM has a dedicated documentation team, who have extensive knowledge and experience in handling all kinds of documents for Import and Export formalities. Our team is particularly strong in documents related to exports C/O (Certificate of Origin) and import license which can be very difficult and time consuming.

Introduce our service

  • American Consumer Buying Service

    American Consumer Service helps you shorten geographic boundaries from Vietnam to USA. You can buy anything, anyone or any sales page in the US. Sam Cargo will pick you up, ship the goods from the seller to the US office. Then move from the US to Vietnam, pay taxes and deliver home to you. You just select the goods to buy and wait for receipt, the purchase has Sam Cargo take care of all for you.

  • US ship service to Vietnam

    US shipment service to Vietnam to serve any of your shipments, whether you want to ship the goods purchased in the US to Vietnam or you want to ship a package your loved ones are holding in the US to Vietnam, Or you buy in the US but do not trust the US shipping partner. All of the above you can rely on Sam Cargo's US shipment service to Vietnam, we are honored to serve you best.

  • Ship goods - Buy goods from Vietnam to the US

    The service to buy Vietnamese goods, ship from Vietnam to the US to serve customers in the US want to buy in Vietnam or customers want to send gifts to relatives in the US. Sam Cargo accepts shipments from Vietnam to the United States at the customer's exact address, fast shipment time, reasonable prices. Shorten the transaction in two ways: Vietnam - US and US - Vietnam.


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