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We provide complete supply chain management solutions tailored to fit your needs. From planning and analysis to quality control.

Sam is ready to assist you with complete and custom-based solutions, efficiently covering the entire supply chain.

Supply chain management objectives:

  • Creating value for a customer
  • Building a strong infrastructure
  • Synchronized demand and supply
  • Quality measurement and monitoring

Policy buying and shipping goods from the United States to Vietnam

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    Article 1

    For customers use Sam service to buy & transport back to Vietnam

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    Article 2

    Sam does not receive the purchase or transportation of goods if goods and products fall in the following cases: Goods and cultural products banned from importation, use or circulation within the Vietnamese territory. Goods prohibited from sale, transportation and use in the territory of the supplying country. Weapons, ammunition, explosives, military technical equipment. The commodities are inflammable substances.

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    Article 3

    Customer responsibility when using US ship purchase service to Vietnam: You need to declare full & accurate personal information of the depositor & consignee such as their name, email, address, telephone number, ID / passport number. Let us compare when delivery & deal with unexpected cases. Read carefully all product information, shipments such as product status, model, color, volume, ... in the quote. Customers understand the rights, responsibilities and voluntarily when using our services.

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    Article 4

    Responsibility Sam when buying, transporting from the US to Vietnam: We support the maximum information on product quality, merchant credit rating, supplier, payment processing, ... help customers peace of mind to buy goods.

For customers use Sam service to buy & transport back to Vietnam

After 30 days (work) product has not returned to Vietnam (since Sam Cargo Receipts), only applied to seller, supplier in USA. If the seller, the supplier is out of stock, we will exchange directly with the customer. If approved by the Customs, the US time of shipment may be extended without any compensation. You can choose the compensation options as follows: Buy replacement products (no transaction processing fee & purchase fee). Refund 100% of the deposit & replace the apology. Transfer deposit to new order. If the seller, supplier in other countries such as Canada, UK, Japan, ... US shipment time may be extended. If goods are lost or damaged due to Sam Cargo's subjective fault, they refund the deposit or negotiate compensation & replace the apology. Time to arrive in Vietnam from 7 to 14 working days, counted from Sam Cargo in the US. If the case is late than expected, we apologize Sam Cargo is not liable for indirect damages resulting from loss of postage or damage caused by delayed delivery or to risks caused by force majeure (such as natural disasters, earthquakes, Storms, wars, riot, plane crash, nature of the goods, damage caused by electricity or magnetism, deletion of images, data or sound ...). Maximum delivery time is 03 times in 15 days by email & phone. If you are not contacted for delivery, Sam Cargo reserves the right to refuse the deposit and does not shipment. Sam Cargo assumes no liability if the information you provide is inaccurate or incomplete, pursuant to Clause 3. Hopefully with our policy of buying policies, transportation of goods from the United States to our clear Vietnam helps you peace of mind shopping from the US.

  • Most competitive shipment rates.
  • Time to return within 10-15 days.
  • Simple shipping procedures, actively track orders through Tracking code.
  • A team of dedicated, professional counselors..


Charge table for buying goods on Amazon, ship from the US to Vietnam with taxes to the Sam Cargo office in Ho Chi Minh City. Sam Cargo accepts cheap US shipments with special offers

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